Our Story

Behind our brand, we are an ordinary family of cat lovers dedicated to providing our furry friends with the finest

The story behind our name

To the best of our knowledge and beliefs a feline named Muezza was a favourite of the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) whom he deeply loved and cared for. This famous account sparked our inspiration to name our kitten, whose soft natured character compliments the meaning of her graceful name.

We hold a strong set of morals & values which makes my muezza incredibly special and not just any regular cat food. We have an infinite amount of love for our felines, and wanted to create something which would make them the stars of our future.

Our Morals & Values


We’re honest about the ingredients we use & we will always keep to our promises.


We love & care about all our customers. If something isn’t right, give us a meow, we would love to help.


We are true to our belief that we should be feeding our felines a healthy, balanced & halal diet.


Our primary focus is to spread awareness of our product and keep our human & feline customers feeling paw-some!


We’re pawsitive about what we do & we would love to hear any feedback from you.


We respect all choices. Not to your felines taste? Not to worry. Everybody has a different fancy.


Human or feline, we are fair to all our customers (maybe a little more to the felines).


We strive for the best in all we do.

Why Halal?

Whilst in Islam it is not obligatory to feed your cat halal due to their natural carnivorous diet, my muezza presents the option to purchase, handle and keep halal within your home.