Our Cats

“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens.

Cats Muezza on back paws


The youngest in our family

Our silver Maine Coon who has learnt to embrace more of her character alongside the companionship of Fudge & Diesel. Muezza enjoys chasing bugs during the summer whilst curiously noseying around the garden before scurrying back inside to the sound of the lawn-mower next door.

Muezza is learning to be more confident day by day as we watch her evolve into a mature Maine Coon.

Cats Diesel


Always up to no good

Our 4 year old Norwegian forest X Maine Coon who finds delight in all kinds of mischief. Whether that be stealing frogs from the pond or strolling into the home way past his bed time. Despite his wild nature, there is nothing Diesel loves more than to be cradled in our arms and showered in affection. Though be cautious, Diesel wont hesitate to let you know he’s had enough through his deepest growls.

Often, during the night, we will find Diesel cuddling up to his favourite blue mouse as he takes a nights rest, preparing for a day’s mischief ahead.

Cats Diesel
Cats Fudge cut out


Our eldest feline

A very obedient individual who loves to laze around most days. Fudge is the most soft natured and fuss free of the trio. He has no demands to be met unlike Diesel. With 15 years of our life shared with Fudge, we have introduced many phrases of the English language which he understands exceptionally well, such as treat, sit, outside & walk. During Fudge’s youth, he would love to chase bubbles around the garden for hours on end, but now prefers to reside within the comfort of his home around his family & siblings. Fudge’s primal instincts are ever present as he meticulously picks his battles with the leaves in the garden during the autumn season.